Affordable Herd Management in the Cloud

From your phone, PC, Mac or tablet!

Herd Management

Save time and money with a cloud-based solution. Animal information is always accurate and available.

Achieve Your Goals

Which is my most productive cattle/ewe/doe? How many calves/lambs/kids sired by sire X? Which animals should be culled?

The Features You Need

Bulk actions, Health, Weight, Breeding... Features are continually being added.

Why You'll Like It

Peace of mind

Automatic backups

Cancel anytime policy

No contract, no hidden fees

Your Data Available From Many Devices.

It will fit your device's size horizontally and vertically.

Health Bulk Actions

Add health records for all animal with a single click.

Easy Tracking of FAMACHA Records

Keep detailed information on each animal.


Security first with an A rated security certificate!

Test it yourself!

Support Included!

Raise a ticket without even leaving the application.

¡ En español tambiĆ©n!

Support en français disponible.

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